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Schematic w/Asker, Ashtree & Young, Planetary

sche·mat·ic (noun): a diagram, plan, or drawing. My name is Dave Elkins and I am the creator of Schematic and I am so grateful for your instant support and your blooming interest. What exactly is Schematic? Schematic is a culmination of creativity, art, thought, struggle, frustration, faith, innovation, and connection. Schematic is the plan to share these things through a community that we create together. Schematic listens to you and meets you where you are because Schematic is you! If you are an artist, a musician, a graphic designer, a photographer, a painter, a film maker, a writer, a poet, etc; if your passion is listening to music, finding new art, spreading the word about new music, connecting people, helping others in need, serving your community, then welcome to Schematic. Schematic is the community of artists, creatives, musicians, and people who simply enjoy connection through relationship and rely on each other to fulfill each others needs. In short, Schematic is meant to be a microcosm within the music and art industry that relies on grassroots growth through community.

Sun, Mar 31 | 6:30 PM
The Venue
All ages
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Nashville TN  |  Dance

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