The Miracles of Modern Science

“Don’t mistake this band for something wimpy, just because it’s composed of chamber instruments. The mix of violin, cello, and stand-up bass combined with mandolin and drums fosters some serious power.” – The New York Times

After a 2012 spent supporting their acclaimed Dog Year LP and having an unexpected YouTube hit with “Bon Joviver,” orchestral rockers Miracles of Modern Science are thrilled to announce their upcoming EP, MEEMS, available February 19, 2013. The release will be followed by Miracles of Modern Science’s largest national tour to date, including stops at the 2013 South By Southwest Music Festival.

Miracles of Modern Science are a string section in mutiny: guitars overboard! The Brooklyn, NY band squeezes together classical textures, disco kinetics, and explosive dynamics you might file under “post-rock” if their instruments weren’t decidedly pre-rock.

The band began at Princeton University, where vocalist/double bassist Evan Younger and mandolinist Josh Hirshfeld shared a hall their freshman year. Feeling out of place at a school where cover bands and Top 40 DJs dominated the nightlife, they hijacked open mics with off-kilter acoustic collaborations. They found kindred spirits in other restless musicians from the school’s orchestras and jazz bands: conductor-by-day cellist Geoff McDonald, Aussie violinist Kieran Ledwidge, and finally drummer Tyler Pines, who spurred them to plug their miniature orchestra into amps. Since then, MOMS have been uniting crowds of discerning musicians and dancing party-goers alike through their brand of orchestral rock.

Fri, Mar 29 | 8:00 PM
The Red Room
Cover Charge at the Door
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The Miracles of Modern Science

Brooklyn NY  |  Alternative, Pop, Orchestral

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