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The Hoot Hoots w/James Plane Wreck, Starskate & Sun Blood Stories

The Boise Weekly Critic's Pick …

The Hoot Hoots is a silly band name. Luckily, the Seattle power-pop foursome owns it and revels in silliness: The band often performs in costumes and once staged a robot battle in the audience.

And that slightly silly take endures in its music, which features peppy Casiotone and guitar garage-pop songs about aliens and video games.

But in no way are The Hoot Hoots a novelty or joke act. The band just treats creating music as something buoyant and gleeful.

The group's four releases all capture the urgent giddiness of a bedroom jam without getting mired in the sonic trappings of lo-fi, making its finely crafted and polished pop tunes seem as raw and lively as garage-rock--a winning combo perfect for the short-attention-span generation.

—Josh Gross

Fri, Apr 26 | 9:00 PM (8:00 Door)
The Red Room
21 and over
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The Hoot Hoots

Seattle WA  |  Rock

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